#MegaTour17 Part One: Texas

By Eastside Co Support

#MegaTour17 Part One: Texas

Our friends Pete, Johnnie, and Mick got an early start to summer adventure with #MegaTour17, a three week bike tour/Megabus road trip they created. Their journey will take them from the Lone Star State to the Big Apple with a few pit stops in-between to visit with friends and family and explore new cities. 

Along the way they'll be putting some of our gear to the test. 

The first leg of their trip started in Austin. Johnnie and Mick flew in and scooped up Pete, who recently relocated to the Texas capital. After a couple days of exploring (and being treated to a five hour lightning show), it was time to break out of the Austin city limits and head north to Dallas, where Mick gave his buddies a tour of his childhood home and introduced them to the best nachos in Dallas, which just happen to be vegan. 

Mick playing tourist in Austin. 

Our ditty bag is handy if you don't want to lose things that are small and easy to lose. 

On the road to Dallas. 


While pedaling around Dallas, the guys stopped at Transit Bicycles. Fran, the owner of the shop, was wearing his two-year-old heavy canvas shorts so a photo was taken to contrast them to Pete's new pair. Can you tell which is which? 

Next stop, Atlanta, GA via Memphis, TN. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to get daily #MegaTour17 stories as they're happening!